"Chaos is spreading across your face. It's making me ill, let's get out of this place."

Killing Time

It's been twenty years since the first trial
Since it all began
And now we are back
To stop them from leaving
To see what they've done
They know to much
They must be silenced
By force
We must end what began
It's been too long
Too much time
People keep, asking questions
About the time
About the failure

We're killing the time
Killing the beasts
Killing the ones who knows to much
Then we are pleased
Stand and watch my friend
It's as beautiful as it ever will be
This is the end
This is the beginning
The beginning of the end

Something's wrong here
They're all gone
With the night with the day
A trace of blood
Dripping from the ceiling
What's up there
We found a body
Dismembered, lacking every bone
And then there's a noise
And then there's a noise
A scream

We were to late
The beasts did their work
Now we are pray
Now we are dead
I'm the only one left
On this desolate planet
This desolate planet

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