"Let's turn the lights out and let the dark out."


There we stood upon the ridge
Awaiting the edge of dawn
Watching the skies for signs of life
Our faces lost in time

This foreign land on which we stand
Bears the marks of empathy
The final days of sweat and strain
Will live in infamy

Our soldiers fled and our heros bled
As the axis made its advance
False hopes remained though most disdained
There is nothing left to see

It's all gone way too far
Never thought of consequences
Forgetting where I've been
Yet I see it in my dreams

I can see the endless sky
I can feel the fire burning

Where do we go from here?

The morning after strikes
The burning hammer falls
Looking down of fields of fallen
The future seems so bleak
Our strength is growing weak
But we cannot surrender
No, we cannot surrender

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