"Surrounded by you and the world disappears. There's nothing to break through and nothing I fear."

The Masquerader and Phoenix

The sonorous orchestral ambience and the arabesque-stanced ballerina
Her wee feet in an alacritic mælstrom-twirl
And the dust-hurl with her tears blendeth
Egad, this quagmire
Pasteth her unaptly apt feet to the stage
Like the withered rose of the luciferous Eden
By the mummer'd-masquerader espied vigilly and mockingly
His behesting visage, tho' ruddily mummered 'tis
Embowered and eddying oft and eft gloam by gloam
Her sweetness never cloy
Further, further!
His scratching and dallying hollow-hearted eyes
Her breasts and vestal heart caress
And like the dove and bird of prey leapeth she aerily
Whileas the orchestra playeth on travailingly
His one and sole swath
With the pizzicatoed ensemble blendeth
And her umbral foetal scream
As the song climaxeth
And slowly dieth away...

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