"While the kid's at work his mom takes her licks. Getting stomped all day, but the bathroom sink's fixed."

Middle Man

Now temper temper
Don't push me little man
I never wanted you to end up as the middle man
Had no intention you've got to understand
As you can see my fingers are free
Of engagement rings or wedding bands
I've got to go now the car is in the drive
It was fun while it lasted and you know I can't stand long goodbyes

Now I don't need a second father
And I don't need a helping hand
And I don't want you to even bother
'Cause I don't need a middle man

Sorry honey I took back those gifts you gave
I know I won't miss your little moods or your cheap after shave
No need to worry I'll do fine out on my own
You know I'm a big girl now with no use for an over-bearing chaperone
You saw it coming I know you saw the signs
When I stopped returning all your phone calls and gave back all your Valentines

Rhythm Collection


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