"And when my skin has lost its color, and I'm wearing leather pants, I can go to clubs and look real cool but I don't want to dance!"

Virgin Superstar

Ladies and gentlemen
I'm very proud to present
Here tonight live on stage
Virgin superstar

The night is falling
And so have we
Into oblivion and reverie
And nothing really matters anymore
When heaven waits
With an open door

So baby trust me believe me
I've got a million dollar smile
Why don't you take my hand
For a while

Virgin superstar
Wonder where you are
You're making the headlines tonight
Virgin superstar
This time you've gone too far
You're making the headlines tonight

And she was living on borrowed time
She said destiny is a friend of mine
Innocence is something you can buy
When heaven waits with a hidden lie

Virgin Superstar

EMI Int'l

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