"I was born to suffer for mankind. No other revelation in my time of need."

Hall of Souls

Take my hand and say "Come on"
There's someone to justify the shows
A space in my head seems to be sold
Where are you now?
Where are you?
I'm so sad
I feel bad

Mother take me back don't wanna go
Bring me a better place
There's someone who needs me now
It's a sweety person with a pretty face

Mumo sche tato unse sin setz wrou
Se vju la woj numelesa singure
Mjemje frigk jo nu wrou ratt nikat wische

Vater, Mutter wo seid Ihr
Ich will bei Euch sein
lass Mich nicht allein
Ich will keinen krieg
Niemals, niemals wieder
[Mir ist so kalt]



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