"Unsure of what lies ahead for me. Until I arrive, my mind will never be. Never be free."

Wishing Well Token

I'll try not to yell...
I want to be like you
It's no easy sell
To remove to repeat clue

The finger in circles
You like it like that
The acts fall illogical
Then spin 'till their flat

I've spoke with my hands
Tied in the back
You gave me a blindfold
And pulled out slack

On my up, you're down
For my grin, a frown
If I help you drown
Then we lose the crown

It's hard to apologize
To oncoming traffic
Caught in the net
Of your swinging racquet

Untouchable flame
Invisible torch
To carry in shame

It cannot be written
It cannot be spoken
When every attempt
Is a wishing well token

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