"Shrug and sigh your way through the apocalypse."

Masquerades and Faces

Will you bear my everlasting sorrow
Will you suppress my indifference
Holy nail in my coffin
Holy queen of my illusions

Feeling pale like the moon above me
Here I am nude and immortal
Leave a tear on my pillow
My final resting place my comfort

Talk to me lie to me
Comfort me lie to me

Still I'm dying to believe
That I have lost the air to breathe
Beloved failure has left
A thousand scars forevermore

Behind there masquerades and faces
Faith is longing for forgiveness
And is the truth
Another fiction of you

Can you sing
Can you raise the dead
Shall I live for a hazy silhouette
Fill my eyes with your splendor
Like glassy jewels falling down on you

Your divinity tastes like perjury
And deception means the end
Can you feel
Can you feel the burden
A sacred heart is longing for

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