"Ich bin nur Schmutz für Dich, Benutzt Du mich. Liegst Du auf mir und befriedigst Deine Gier."


I felt the sun burn in my eyes
I'm walking thru the air at night
I run my hand thru ocean floor
I touched the clouds and wanted more

A thought of life that you could see
A courage deep inside of me
I gave up life within my box
There's so much more than I could be

Standing in place of my shadow
I fall into places of life that's unseen
Freeing my mind to a life that I've wanted
As time's standing still in your dream
One life you live and love
One soul to send above
One night you feel alive again

You watched her give her life away
One broken wing to fly today
She never wanted you to see
The flower turn into a tree

All I want is my intentions
To lead my life for me
A sense of all I wanted
To be a part of me

Redux-Heartwerk v2


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