"We live and need ecstasy. We live and need a cross."

Take the Pain

There is no time and place for
My faults to carry me
No one to take the blame for
My life as I must be

One night I can't discourage
The pain inside of me
The wall I made has fallen
No one as blind as me

I saw darkness in disguise
I saw something in your eyes
Trap the pain you fell into
Set me free you wanted to
Fear of life you can't deny
Stone the love you feel inside
Walk the path you made in blood
Take the pain and live the life you love

I cared enough to take your heart
I fell into your lies
Why can't you live within yourself
I swallowed all my pride

You scream to no one as you pray
You follow lights that turn to gray
You ask forgiveness to your God
Then damn your life as once you lost

Redux-Heartwerk v2


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