Adonai, My Lord
Ain't It Mad Yet
Ain't That Hungry Yet
And Life Goes On
Angel [Born Again version]
Angel [Embryodead version]
Auf Der Flucht
Black Death
Bleed in Silence
Body Census
Body Parts
Bunkertor 7
Capital Punishment
Concrete Rage
Corroded Breed
Crown of Thorns
Crucified Division
Die in Winter [Born Again version]
Die in Winter [Bunkertor 7 version]
Down Where We Belong [Born Again version]
Down Where We Belong [Embryodead version]
Dr. Thodt
Dying Culture [Bunkertor 7 version]
Dying Culture [Dried Blood version]
Embryodead [Born Again version]
Embryodead [Embryodead version]
Fallen Angel
Fear in Motion
Fear in Your Eyes
Final Warning
Funeral Diner
Golgotha [Born Again version]
Golgotha [Embryodead version]
Hang Him Higher
Hate is Mine
Homo Gotikus Industrialis
Ich Will Dich
In Der Nacht
In the Night
In the Peace of the Night
Is It You? [Born Again version]
Is It You? [Embryodead version]
Just a Little Tenderness
Line of Corpses
Man's a Complete Idiot
Mankind's Disease
My Dear Ghoul
On the Run
Opening the Gates of Hell
Our Fatal Longing
Praise Your Fears
Remember One Thing
Rise Again
Sag es Jetzt
Sag Warum
Schaltet Den Schmerz Ab
Schwarzer Tod
Slave to Evil
Soylent Green
Soylent Grun
Stirb im Winter
Tell Me Why
The Beast Sleeps Within You
The Fall
The March of the Dead
Torn Skin
Troops Under Fire
Turns Off Pain
Veflucht bis Ihr Verhungert
Vergib Mir
War [Born Again version]
War [Embryodead version]
We Believe, We Believe
Womb [Born Again version]
Womb [Embryodead version]
Wreath of Barbs
You Are a Goth
Your Last Salute
Zerstorte Traume
"I'll never be the girl that you want me to be. I'll never change... I can't. What you see is what you get when you're with me."

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