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The lyrics submission form will now fix some minor spelling errors (like missing apostrophes in contractions) and will capitalize the first letter of each line. Also added a field to keep track of users who submit lyrics.
"Ich schenk dir mein Leben Kannst du mir die Ewigkeit geben."

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Lyrics, band information, cover information, album information and other relevant information may be sent to info |@| Please include an informative subject line with your e-mail.

For lyrical submissions we ask that you use correct capitalization for "I"'s and the first word for each line of the song. It makes things much easier for us. Take a look at some of the songs already posted if you aren't sure what we mean.

If you're a band that would like to have your lyrics posted please mail them to info |@| Or if you're a band that for some reason doesn't want their lyrics posted, please contact us at the same address.

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