"This is for everyone that I have ever loved. Remember well, I will never love again."

These are all people who have been crucial in the development of the site.

Meow - support and promotion.
EleganceDying - promotion.
Shade - code consulting.
Dark - Who supplied us with a bunch of some of the first lyrics.
Ravena - design consulting
Somegirl - Being one of two bands that sent us lyrics when we first started the site.
See Colin Slash - Being one of two bands that sent uslyrics when we first started the site.
The Ungodly Hour (Lady Dev and Re\Dox) - Supporting the site since its inception.
Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 for giving us the database of covers he had been maintaining.
Ryan Speck for his tireless work supplying us with hundreds of lyrics.
Check out his book on
Drachenfrau for her translations, quote picks, and random proofreading.

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Songs: 10,059
Albums: 293
Compilations: 3
Last Update: 6/10/12